Amanda Mei


Reimagine: Self


The artist’s book Reimagine: Self is an imaginary conversation with Carl Jung responding to his book The Undiscovered Self – a brilliant and searching inquiry into the dilemma of the individual in modern society. Carl Jung was one of the greatest psychologists in the last century and his book was written back in 1957. The conversation is visualized in the form of an artist’s book that is a reimagined extension of the old book in today’s context.

It attempts to explore the simple yet challenging question – do you really know you? The conversation revolves around the paradoxes of one’s personality. Essentially, it’s a fusion of two different voices that transcends the limits of culture, status, space, and time in a visible and tangible form. Personally, it is a time capsule of my thoughts and feelings at this time. Hopefully, the reader would get inspired to gain new insights into their own inner experience.