Clarissa Machado


Embodiment of Freedom


We live very fast-paced lives. As a way to create balance in our routine, we tend to seek out activities that allow us to feel at ease, to disconnect for a moment and to try to become more present. These activities can become meditative as they allow us to relax, increase our awareness and mental clarity. They can also allows us to create a deeper connection with ourselves.

The meditative activity that allows me to release tension and to escape my daily stress is drawing mandalas and detailed patterns. This sparked my curiosity to explore the different activities that members of my community do for this same purpose. Through interviews, this project initially covers practicing yoga, cooking, painting, and playing the guitar.

The physical cards are folded in a way that materializes the project concept: as the card unfolds, the content gets deeper and more personal. It evolves from the physical characteristics of the activity, into the emotive, and finally dives deeper into self awareness and connection.

The online component of the project invites more members of the community to contribute their own activities. They are able to answer a set of questions that will generate a personal card, and add it to the shared platform.

Overall, this project aims to analyze activities that provide us not only with a temporary escape, but also with a deeper connection with ourselves.